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Inter-office Shipping FAQ

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Where do I take an item to be sent to San Marcos?

All interoffice mail and small packages between RRC and San Marcos will be picked up from the mail room (Avery 461)

Can a package be delivered to an individual?

  • Deliveries cannot be "hand delivered" to a specific person at a specific time
  • All pickups and deliveries including "hand delivered" items must be made to and from a staffed location

What is the delivery schedule?

Items for San Marcos delivery need to be either in the
Avery One Stop Center or mail room by 12PM M-Th or 9AM Friday

RRC Courier hours:

Noon-4PM Monday-Thursday

9AM-1PM Friday

Courier services are unavailable during Winter Intersession(Holiday Break) and Spring Break

JCK mail services window:

10-10:30AM and 2-2:30PM

How are special deliveries handled?

Special deliveries require a request form and will be picked up from respective offices

The One Stop Center (Avery 201) will be the pickup and delivery location for the School of Nursing


What size item can the courier take?

The item needs to fit inside of a Chevy Impala trunk.  Larger items require advance notice so that the van can be scheduled.

Where can I pick up my delivery from San Marcos?

All main campus mail will be delivered to the mail room(Avery 461). 

The key is available from the administrative secretary in room 464.